About Flix

Flix Handcrafted Jewellery is owned and operated by Felicity Mines, in Busselton, since 1997.
All Jewellery is Designed and Made by Felicity.

The Business originated with the introduction of a unique Product called –

Sleepers with SlippersBeautiful Bead Designs on Sleepers!

These are Solid Sterling Silver Sleepers with Sterling Silver Beads;
22ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver Sleepers with Rolled Gold Beads;
Solid 9ct Gold Sleepers with Rolled Gold Beads.

Sleeper SlippersBeautiful Bead Designs that simply Slip onto Sleepers!

Just the Beads Only so you can slip them onto your own Sleepers
Or Little Danglers that simply Slip onto Sleepers.

Sleepers with Slippers are very popular with:

  • People who have problems with sore or infected ear piercings;
  • Active, busy people who just donít have time to keep changing earrings;
  • People who love cute earrings.

People of All Ages love Sleeper Slippers because;

  • They can have stylish decoration on their sleepers;
  • Keep their ears safe and have beautiful, practical earrings at the same time;
  • Leave them in all the time.

Flix Handcrafted Jewellery also produces a unique style of Anklets, Bracelets and Necklaces.
Each piece is made with Solid Sterling Silver Chain and Crystals in a gorgeous range of colours, in sizes to suit all.
Also Plain Solid Sterling Silver Chains sold per cm and Custom Made to fit you.

Over the years an extensive range of Earrings with Quality Glass Beads has been developed.
Beads include Murano Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and Czech Glass.

Felicity makes her own hooks with Sterling Silver or Rolled Gold to ensure safety for sensitive ears.

The latest addition to the extensive design range is her incredibly unique Flix Gallery Bracelets
A beautiful style with Rich, Textured, Layered Chains incorporating Murano Glass, Swarovski Crystal and Czech Glass.

Felicity has designed for Weddings, Bridal party, Balls and Special Occasions.
She is passionate about being unique, only using quality materials and workmanship.